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Monitor Your Local Market

MonitorBase sends you daily alerts when consumers in your markets meet both your minimum credit standards AND are indicating mortgage-shopping behaviors.

Monitor Your Past-Clients

Timing is everything!  You need to engage previous-clients the moment they are in the market for a mortgage loan. We help!

Automate Your Offers

After we notify you that your prospect is “in the market,” our system produces … and distributes … a corporate compliance-approved, highly responsive offer.

The MonitorBase Solution

MonitorBase gives you the power to pro-actively monitor the credit- and consumer-behaviors of your local market and previous clients. This power produces origination opportunities!


Get Daily Alerts

Winning new customers is essential for the success of any mortgage lender. Again and again, it’s proven that it costs far more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.

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Inquiry Alerts

Inquiry alerts are pre-screened credit triggers for your past clients or prospects.  If your past client or prospect applies for a mortgage you are promptly notified! 

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Migration Alerts

Today's credit denials can be tomorrow's closings.  With just a name and address you can monitor prospects with less-than-perfect credit and be notified when credit improves and bumps them up above your credit threshold.

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Pre-Mover Alerts

Our pre-mover algorithm tracks your customer's property address for events like real estate listings or for sales by owner postings.  In many cases a pre-mover alert will trigger before an inquiry alert!

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  • Maintain Relationships: Your past clients are your most valuable business asset!
  • Be Prepared! Your clients will be back in the market sooner than you think.
  • Protect Your Assets: You spent the time and effort to build the relationship, so keep it!

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