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About Us

Timing is Everything

Founded in March of 2007, we have developed a marketing and compliance solution that utilizes prescreened credit alerts, and other behavioral data attributes to determine when consumers are most likely to be in the market to purchase or refinance a home. The results are powerful!

Our knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry continues to drive our mission, and the effectiveness of our compliance-minded marketing solutions.

Whether your goal is to create five, or five hundred, more transactions in your pipeline this month, MonitorBase has the expertise and resources to help you reach this goal.

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Our Commitment

Security | Compliance | Your Marketing ROI

A common problem in all mortgage lending organizations is getting the compliance department and the sales department to share common goals, and work synergistically on them. Regulatory compliance and effective marketing do not have to be mutually exclusive entity operations.

MonitorBase was developed in response to an increasingly complex environment of regulatory oversight of mortgage lenders. Today’s mortgage professional needs to have a centralized system to secure, track, and automate the compliance management requirements of direct-marketing. MonitorBase provides this solution. 


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