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MonitorBase Credit Migration Flyer.png

Credit Migration Alerts

Our credit migration alert service notifies you when unqualified consumers become qualified.

  • Be the first to know when a customer has fixed their credit and be the first to reach out to offer your services.
  • When credit has improved and hits your minimum threshold, our system produces and distributes highly responsive marketing on your behalf.
  • Only name and address is required. No consumer consent necessary.

Download Credit Migration One-Sheet

MonitorBase Inquiry Alert Flyer.png

Inquiry Alerts

Inquiry alerts are mortgage credit triggers for your past clients or prospects.

  • Engage with past and current customers on a daily basis who are truly in-market.
  • Identify Early Payoff risk much earlier and give your borrowers a second opinion before they choose another lender.
  • Get in front of prospects at the beginning of the process. reduce the risk of losing loans to your competitors.
  • Refer buyers and sellers for your referral partner relationships.

Download Inquiry Alerts One-Sheet

MonitorBase Predictive Marketing Flyer.png

Predictive Marketing

Our predictive marketing solution identifies prospects who are likely entering the market and helps you engage with them earlier in the process.

  • Sophisticated algorithm that predicts customer shopping behaviors.
  • Runs on autopilot creating automated inbound opportunities for you and your team.
  • We execute multi-channel marketing that is personalized on your behalf.

Download Predictive Marketing One-Sheet

MonitorBase SoftPull Flyer.png


Instant access to credit pre-qualification for you and your referral partner's clients 24 hours a day.

  • Borrowers can receive an instant credit pre-qualification utilizing text and web.
  • Inquiry is done as a soft credit inquiry and will not affect the consumer's credit score.
  • Originator receives an instant notification and credit report at a very low cost.
  • Borrower can receive and share results with their agent in real-time.

Download SoftPull One-Sheet

Premover Flyer

Pre-mover: Listing Alerts

Know when your prospect's address on file is listed for sale, rent, or "for sale by owner". In many cases a pre-mover alert will trigger before an inquiry alert.

  • They also are not constrained by the prescreen opt-out list.
  • As a non-prescreen alert, they are less expensive than prescreened alerts.
  • Since they are often times triggered before an inquiry takes place you can be the first lender to contact them.

Download Pre-mover One-Sheet

Email Marketing Flyer

Email Firm Offers

Deliver firm offers digitally via email for real-time feedback on client interest.

  • Engage with your previous customers based on knowing they are in the market and interested in your offer.
  • Prioritize outreach based on who has looked at your offer today, even if they are an older alert!
  • Receive more inbound phone calls, as well as email responses and requests for more information.
  • Fulfill compliance requirements automatically so the offer is with the client before you call.

Download Multi-Channel Marketing One-Sheet