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MonitorBase Credit Migration Flyer.png

Credit Migration Alerts

Our credit migration alert service notifies you when unqualified consumers become qualified. 

  • Be the first to know when a customer has fixed their credit and be the first to reach out to offer your services. 
  • When credit has improved and hits your minimum threshold, our system produces and distributes highly responsive marketing on your behalf.
  • Only name and address is required.  No consumer consent necessary.

Download Credit Migration Flyer

MonitorBase Inquiry Alert Flyer.png

Inquiry Alerts

Inquiry alerts are mortgage credit triggers for your past clients or prospects.

  • Engage with past and current customers on a daily basis who are truly in-market.
  • Identify Early Payoff risk much earlier and give your borrowers a second opinion before they choose another lender.
  • Get in front of prospects at the beginning of the process.  reduce the risk of losing loans to your competitors.
  • Refer buyers and sellers for your referral partner relationships.

Download Inquiry Alert Flyer

MonitorBase Predictive Marketing Flyer.png

Predictive Marketing

Our predictive marketing solution identifies prospects who are likely entering the market and helps you engage with them earlier in the process.

  • Sophisticated algorithm that predicts customer shopping behaviors.
  • Runs on autopilot creating automated inbound opportunities for you and your team.
  • We execute multi-channel marketing that is personalized on your behalf

Download Predictive Marketing Flyer

MonitorBase SoftPull Flyer.png


Instant access to credit pre-qualification for you and your referral partner's clients 24 hours a day.

  • Borrowers can receive an instant credit pre-qualification utilizing text and web.
  • Inquiry is done as a soft credit inquiry and will not affect the consumer's credit score.
  • Originator receives an instant notification and credit report at a very low cost.
  • Borrower can receive and share results with their agent in real-time.

Download SoftPull Flyer

MonitorBase Homebuyer Flyer.png

New Homebuyer Marketing

We identify responsive first-time homebuyers in your local market who are showing intent to purchase.  You determine the area you want to target, we drive inbound calls right to your phone.

  • We identify prospects starting to make financial improvements to become homebuyer ready.
  • Marketing is automatically sent to prospects on your behalf to drive inbound response.
  • Ongoing monitoring of first-time homebuyers in your local market.

Download Homebuyer Marketing Flyer

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