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Low Cost Per Acquisition Marketing - On Autopilot




Our new predictive marketing offering brings it all together for your organization. Once enabled, the predictive service starts analyzing hundreds of data points to identify prospects who are exhibiting in-the-market behavior. Rather than your team calling a prospect after receiving an alert, predictive can put the outreach and marketing on autopilot, driving inbound interest automatically to your loan officers on a daily basis. It’s perfect for teams looking for a system that does the heavy lifting for them and still converts extremely well.

Predictive database marketing helps your team get a head-start on building relationships with an exclusive source of prospects without the fear of losing loans to the competition. Predictive identifies and connects you with:

First Time Buyer
Engage with first time homebuyers.

Engage when your contact is credit qualified and can benefit from a cash-out.

Rate and Term
Engage when a contact could likely benefit from a rate reduction.

MI Reduction
Engage when a contact can benefit from eliminating or reducing mortgage insurance.

Engage with contacts that have significant equity in their homes.

Activity Engage with contacts that are show HELOC related lending activity.

Max Loan Amount Threshold
Engage with contacts that may benefit from changes in agency max loan amounts.

Reverse Mortgage (coming soon)
Engage with contacts that meet criteria and may benefit from a reverse mortgage.

Debt Consolidation
Engage with contacts that could benefit from a debt consolidation cash-out.

Seasoned Intent
Engage with contacts the have shown intent but have yet to complete a transaction.

Term Reduction
Engage with contacts that may be interested in a term reduction refinance.


See all available Predictive Marketing Alert Intels broken down here.  

We are seeing tremendous mortgage lead generation results when predictive is enabled. Especially working in tandem with your other MonitorBase products such as inquiry alerts and credit migration. On average, clients currently using predictive marketing are seeing:

  • Increase in applications and fundings
  • Extremely attractive CPA’s and CPL’s. Average $60 cost per app, and $240 cost per funding!
  • Fantastic overall ROI - 625% based on $1500 estimated revenue per loan.

Pricing and ROI Calculator

Beside the fact it performs and drives new loans, enabling predictive marketing brings:

  • A new marketing channel that performs and costs much less that traditional sources
  • A service you can put on autopilot and drive inbound with less hassle
  • The ability for your loan officers to be first to audience. No more losing loans to your competitors!
  • The ability to leverage the latest in AI and big data
  • More purchase opportunities for your team to work
  • Deeper audience insights and better data on future clients

You can enable your service right inside the MonitorBase platform or send a quick email to sales@monitorbase.com and we can get it enabled for you right away.

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