Running non-qualified customers through your sales funnel can be spendy!  Not to mention the opportunity costs that you waste that you or your team could spend working with pre-qualifed leads.  Unlike many other consumer data sources, pre-screened credit data is up-to-date and highly accurate.  

What does your dream customer profile look like?

We can deliver the perfect customer profile to you, pre-screened!  We have thousands of data points on consumers across the U.S. including:  

  • Credit scores
  • Mortgage balances, payments, types. 
  • Underlying interest rates.
  • Auto, revolving, installment balances.
  • Demographics.
  • Income calculations.
  • LTV calculations.
  • In the market models.
  • Derogitory credit events.
  • Credit trend data.
  • and many more..

Whether you are a mom and pop shop, or have a team or marketing professionals on staff, we can help you build and market to your custom criteria over various marketing channels.

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