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"If you answer the phone and work the leads, it's the closest thing I've found to printing money."


John McGrath

Division Manager

"MonitorBase's expertise in getting me in contact with the appropriate borrowers is priceless. Also, they're ability to notify me when my past clients are back in the market has been awesome!"


Jason Deamer

Mortgage Professional / Homie Loans

"I have a great deal with MonitorBase, I send them $2000 a month and they send me $50,000 in revenue from the transactions we get from their Inbound Home Buyer campaign."


Elliot Lewis

Division Manager / PRMI

"I have known the team at MonitorBase for quite some time. I felt like I had my marketing under control and that there was not really anyone that could help me improve (ya typical CEO mindset right?). Boy was I wrong. Through their unique algorithms and just crazy good ability to produce quality mortgage leads from all sorts of channels, I have been able to see my cost to fund a loan (marketing costs) drop when most are seeing an increase. Whether it be monitoring my active loans, those that need to improve their credit, or simply sending direct mail to people ready to buy, MonitorBase has me covered. I love these guys."


Eric Kandell

President / Low VA Rates

"I have been working with MonitorBase for about five years and have had a lot of success with the leads that they provide as well as the Client Retention Solution. We are notified within 24-48 hours of credit pulls from past clients that appear to be applying for a refinance or new home purchase. This has saved many Early Pay Off's for our company as well as generating new loans from past clients that we have dropped the ball on as far as keeping in constant contact. I would suggest MonitorBase's products to any lenders or brokers who are looking for marketing solutions to new or past clients."


Patrick Steenburg

CEO / American Wholesale Loans